MDG Momentum – 1,000 days of action


Have you visited the UN website about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) lately? This might be the time to do so because the UN has launched another push in order to achieve the eight MDGs by 2015. The count-down has begun: on April 5, 2013 only 1,000 days were left until December 31, 2015, which is the end-date for the MDGs.                                                       

While governments at the UN are negotiating the nature and content of any follow-up goals after 2015, achieving the existing goals should be everyone’s priority. The End Poverty 2015 campaign has a special website which serves as a Gateway to the UN System’s Work on the MDGs. Its page on the MDG Momentum gives updated information on each single goal and target. It also has infographics and posters on the eight MDGs which may be downloaded for promoting the MDGs, as long as they are not used for any commercial purposes.

NGO Office
April 2013