Climate Change Conference Needs Prayers

Photo by Georgie Bleaser, rscj

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Copenhagen from December 7-18, 2009. The call of civil society from around the world for a fair, ambitious and binding outcome of the Copenhagen Conference has been loud and clear. Despite the stated commitment of world leaders, such an outcome seems to become more elusive every day. However, the future of our planet is at stake, the future of humanity and of all of creation. What can we, RSCJ, do?

The NGO Office invites the international Society of the Sacred Heart to pray the Novena of Confidence during the Copenhagen Conference, from December 7-18, for the courage of world leaders to demonstrate their concrete political will and to conclude agreements that have at heart the well-being of all of creation. Will you join us in this prayer?

In addition to prayer, you can go to any of the following websites for more actions:

Whatever action you are able to undertake – praying the Novena of Confidence, signing the Seal the Deal climate petition, ringing your church bells, or following the proceedings in Copenhagen through any of the other websites – it is one more step to make our voices heard. We seek not words but deeds for the good of all.

Cecile Meijer, rscj
November 2009