MDGs: Educational Resources

There are many educational materials about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) available online which can be used in the formal classroom, in popular education projects, with youth groups or in other parish work. Here are some examples:

  • -- on this UN site you can find the text of the MDGs, the Millennium Declaration (from which the MDGs derive), and other background material and documents. Clicking on “Related Links” will bring you to a list of additional UN web sites, including those of UN programs and specialized agencies.
  • -- a general introduction to the MDGs.
  • -- the CyberSchoolBus is a very elaborate and interactive web site. It deals with each individual MDG in a very comprehensive way, giving facts and background information, video clips, suggestions about how to get involved, and much more. By clicking on “Monitor Goals” (top bar) you can track country specific implementation of the MDGs. Click also on “Links and Resources” (top bar) to find NGOs with educational materials on their web sites. Although this web site was designed for students and teachers, it is an excellent introduction to the MDGs for any age.
  • -- the Millennium Campaign is an initiative of the United Nations and supports citizens’ efforts to hold their own governments accountable for the Millennium promises. By clicking on the world map, you can access the country of your choice to find out more about the civil society campaign in that country and that nation’s government policies. Don’t forget to download the MDG Youth Action Guide.
  • -- the UN Development Program site has country reports, regional reports, and donor reports.
  • -- in January 2005, Professor Jeffrey Sachs handed in to the UN Secretary General his report of the Millennium Project entitled Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals. This web site provides links, in multiple languages, to the overview report and the full report.
  • and -- current and past issues of Our Planet, a magazine published by the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), are available on this elaborate site about the environment and development. Tunza is UNEP’s magazine for and by young people. Its extensive web site contains much information on topics of environmental sustainability (MDG #7).
  • -- a dynamic, international site for youth.
  • (click on “English” at top right) -- this site has an elaborate power point presentation, e-cards, and an online version of the “first8” picture booklet.
  • -- is the site of the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development in England and Wales. Clicking on “Resources” (top bar) brings you to more educational materials for various ages and levels, as well as worship resources.
  • -- this elaborate web site of the Make Poverty History campaign has videos about poverty and lots more. Click on “schools” (top bar) to find more educational resources.
  • -- this is the web site of the Global Call to Action against Poverty. October 17, 2006 has been designated the Global White Band Day for this year ( ). By using “Select your country” (top left corner) you can find out what civil society in your country is doing to promote achieving the MDGs.
  • – Caritas Internationalis. In the Search box, type in “Millennium Development Goals”.