World Day of Social Justice 2011

Photo by Cecile Meijer, rscj

On February 20, 2011 it is once again World Day of Social Justice. In its resolution of 26 November 2007, the General Assembly recognized that “social development and social justice are indispensable for the achievement and maintenance of peace and security within and among nations and that, in turn, social development and social justice cannot be attained in the absence of peace and security or in the absence of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.” (A/RES/62/10).

UN Member-States in the General Assembly recognized that “broad-based and sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development is necessary to sustain social development and social justice.” At the same time, they were well aware of the serious challenges that remain: “serious financial crises, insecurity, poverty, exclusion and inequality within and among societies and considerable obstacles to further integration and full participation in the global economy for developing countries as well as some countries with economies in transition.”

The following statements and resources are excellent to learn more about the UN’s efforts for social justice:

For a prayer service for World Day of Social Justice, please click here.

Cecile Meijer, rscj
February 2011