Pause for Peace


Pause for Peace 2008

Dear friends,

We write to invite you to join us in a renewed “Pause for Peace.” Initiated in 2004, the Pause for Peace asked people to take one minute each day, if possible at noon, to recommit themselves to peacemaking and hope; in 2006, we paused to pray in solidarity with the children in Northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This year we ask you to focus once again on peacemaking with a special emphasis on Africa.

Our Earth Prayer

Our experience at the United Nations for the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference in September 2007 began with two days of preparation. During these days we learned about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which express what governments of the world have committed themselves to. We also learned about the Earth Charter, which is a parallel document prepared by the peoples of Earth, expressing what we, the people, will do.


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