Newsletter Issue 10

As we end another tumultuous year, it is time to look back at what has happened and what has not, and to look ahead at what is coming. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change has entered into force, a new Secretary General will take the helm at the United Nations in January, the fight against violent extremism continues, the search for peace in Syria and Yemen remains a top priority, and lasting solutions for the unimaginable stream of people on the move are still to be developed, to name just a few.

For me personally, the moment has come to say a heartfelt thank you before I move on in the coming year. After nearly 14 years spent establishing and developing the NGO Office, I will be passing the baton to Sr. Sheila Smith, RSCJ in early 2017.

Thank you to each of you – my sisters, and members of the larger Sacred Heart family – for allowing me to represent you at the United Nations. It has been a true privilege and joy to get to know you and work with you, bringing our Sacred Heart values, experience and contributions to the international table in New York. You are doing awesome work – I have seen it with my own eyes in many places – and I am convinced that under my successor’s able guidance the NGO Office will soar to new heights. Be assured of my prayer for this new stage that is about to begin.

I wish each one a Happy Christmas and a blessed 2017. May each of us give birth to Christ every day in our own lives, and may our mission at the United Nations, one of our newest ‘frontiers’, flourish in the years to come.